April 01, 2003
Lyonnaise Potato Cake

This looked much better on TV than in real life. Of course I'm not Jamie Oliver so that may be one of the reasons. The dish is two layers of cooked potato slices sandwiching a layer of slow cooked (almost caramelized) onions. I was imagining something like a pomme anna but with onions in the middle. What I got was two layers of potatoes sandwiching a layer of onions which got all mixed together when I tried to serve it. I wanted it to stick together more so that I could cut it like a pie and serve it in wedges. Aside from my not being Jamie Oliver, I also didn't have enough potatoes -- there were large gaps where I could see the bottom of the pan through the potatoes. Really there was no way it would have held together. It did have a wonderful flavor though: the balsamic vinegar works really well with the slow cooked onions and the thyme. For next time (and I would make this again with these improvements) I'll use more potatoes and cut them a bit skinnier. Oh, and add some more butter.