January 08, 2005
Best Chicken Wings EVER
posted by Nadia
This is not like those pizza places that advertise "Best Pizza in Philly." This is for real. Carl and I...
November 23, 2002
Mr. Popper's Poppers
posted by Carl
Sometime I think that we should break down and get a deep fat fryer. Of course that would probably contribute...
September 20, 2002
Jalapeño Poppers Pt. 2
posted by Nadia
Actually, it's the third time we've made jalapeño poppers, but our first (and most successful) attempt was before we came...
August 10, 2002
Jalapeño Poppers and Roasted Chicken
posted by Carl
Jalapeño poppers are so delicious. The combination of spice and the creamy, cheesy filling all encased in a crispy shell...