May 04, 2008
Clean Fridge
posted by Nadia

This may not look like much to you ... but to us, it is a wonder.

A clean fridge

In a nearly-psychedelic trance of cleaning enthusiasm yesterday, Carl and I did some major damage control on the refrigerator. We emptied the shelves, one by one, and gave all the surfaces a good cleaning. Condiments dating back to 2004 were discarded, rock-hard cheeses were tossed. Nothing was returned to the fridge unless it was clearly identifiable, totally edible, of relatively recent vintage, and labeled with an approximate date of opening. This was a serious endeavor. The only items that were not labeled with a date were leftovers that would be eaten in the next few days (i.e., yam fries, pozole, hummus, middle shelf), and fundamentals or condiments that we know will be consumed before they go bad (i.e., yogurt and beer, bottom shelf; maple syrup and Mama's jams, top shelf).

This clean fridge thing me feel like a whole new woman. I highly recommend it to you all. And while you're at it, send us a photo of your fridge! It's hardly the Shoot! The Blog Hot Photo Assistant Contest, but it'll give me something with which to entertain myself.