September 19, 2002
Creamy Chicken al Fresco

Even with three of us eating, we still ended up with some leftover chicken from last night. We didn't feel like chicken salad would be appropriate for dinner, (which isn't to say we haven't had it for dinner in the past,) so we had to think of something else. Carl recommended chicken pot pie, but I think I may have some unaddressed psychological issues relating to savory pies -- specifically, there's something about soggy bechamel-soaked crust that gives me the willies.

We settled on "Creamy Chicken al Fresco" (read: pasta with leftovers), that was actually quite delicious. It had many of the good qualities of a chicken pot pie, without the trauma-inducing aspects. Gently sautéed some white onion half-moons until they were slightly softened, but not brown. Added zucchini strips, red pepper, garlic, and the shredded leftover chicken, sautéed these a bit. Added chicken stock, cream, lots of pepper, and a bit more chopped garlic (I like my garlic in multiple dimensions), and simmered until slightly thickened. Dressed pasta in the pan. The sauce ended up tasting like cream of chicken soup, and the vegetables got nice and flavorful. A good, comforting sort of chicken-and-pasta meal that will probably be repeated sometime when it's rainy and cold.